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Kitchen Safety Tips – Cooking Up A Safe Holiday Season


Kitchen Safety Tips – Cooking Up A Safe Holiday Season

The holidays are here, which means family, friends, festivities and food. Whether you’re baking cookies or whipping up mashed potatoes for your feast, Priority One wants to help you avoid being displaced from your kitchen, or your home, this holiday season because of an accident. At the very least, we want to make sure you’re enjoying your feast in your home, and not forced to resort to a restaurant.

So how can you avoid being like Scott Calvin in The Santa Clause who burnt the turkey and fled to the nearest Denny’s?

Here are some basic kitchen safety tips:

  • Don’t leave the kitchen with pots and pans on the stove or the oven unattended: Distractions are numerous when you are entertaining in your home, so always make sure someone is manning the stove and oven!
  • Keep dishtowels, oven mitts and loose clothing away from the stove and open flames. While cooking, be aware of where you are placing flammable items.
  • Scalding is a common injury in the kitchen – Be careful when you lift lids from hot foods.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Accidents happen, so make sure your extinguisher is handy.
  • Place knives out of reach from children. When handling knives, don’t forget to always use a cutting board and cut away from your body.
  • Clean up spills and messes immediately. It may add to your workload, but will prevent slips or other accidents later in the day.
  • Set a timer! As we mentioned, distractions are numerous and you may be preparing multiple things at once. Save your turkey and pie from burning by setting a reminder (and don’t forget to turn off the stove after!).

We also suggest testing your smoke alarms to make sure they are functional, not only in the kitchen, but around the house too! Priority One cares about your family and your home this holiday season. We wish you a safe and joyous time with loved ones!