Important Notice – Equipment Updates Required

February 11, 2021

In 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave the nation’s cellular service providers the go-ahead to fully upgrade their legacy 3G (CDMA & GSM) networks to state-of-the-art LTE technologies.
Over the summer and fall, US cellular companies rolled out their timetables for complete conversion by a deadline of February 2022.

These evolving communications technologies will give us more reliable connections, faster speeds, and better features than the previous legacy networks, which is great news for our wireless world. We’ll now be able to transmit voice, video, and data at blistering speeds with clearer signals and fewer dropped calls and dead zones. As a result, however, the old 3G network is being retired and will no longer be supported by the major carriers after next year.

For most cellphone consumers, the transition to LTE technology is already underway as you upgrade to your new smartphones. For other devices that use cellular networks to communicate—devices such as your Priority One alarm system—it will be necessary to upgrade the equipment to be compatible with the new networks.

Priority One Security is reaching out to those customers with legacy communication security equipment to notify you of both the pending conversion and the need to upgrade your system to compatible technology.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we’re committed to making sure the transition to this exciting new technology is as smooth and hassle-free for you as possible.

To help ease the conversion, we’re offering a special Priority One offer of 50% OFF to service your system and replace the retired technology with an LTE communicator.

If you’ve been considering upgrading your security system instead, now is the perfect time! As part of this conversion, you qualify for $200 or more in Smart Security upgrade credits. Our ProPac platform includes
color touchscreen keypads, dual-path communicators, and encryption technologies to protect against cyber attacks. Our systems come Smart Home-ready, enabling you to add and control wireless door locks,
light modules, garage doors, thermostats, and more—all from our Total Control app.

We anticipate a last-minute surge of service calls as we approach the 2022 deadline, so we encourage you to schedule your conversion as soon as possible in order to avoid interruption of service when those networks go offline next year.

For your convenience and to help facilitate the conversion, I will be your personal Priority One coordinator. Contact me directly for assistance and to schedule your appointment. You can reach me by email at aperez@priority1security.com or my direct line is 864-335-2508. Also, please
review the FAQ’s for more information.

Thank you for your prompt reply and understanding.
Warmest Regards,
Alex Perez