Fire + Life Safety Systems

IMG_3811 The primary function of a fire detection and alarm system is to notify personnel of a fire and initiate the evacuation process. Where sprinkler systems save buildings, fire alarm systems save lives; that is why fire alarm systems are referred to as life safety systems. The most life-threatening occurrence in a fire is toxic smoke inhalation, as it is the number one cause of death during a fire. With a properly designed life safety system, the lives of your staff can be protected.

IMG_4967Backed by fire system devices and control panels, Priority One Security provides engineered designs to meet local, state and national codes. We adhere to NFPA 72, Life Safety 101, NEC 70, IFC, IBC, and ADB; and routinely use auto CAD specialists to provide stamped engineered drawings of certified life safety design work. After installation, we work with you to maintain your life safety system and ensure it is always up to code requirements.