What Our Clients Say

IMG_4007 “A fire set off our monitored smoke detector while we were out of town. Priority One dispatched the fire department which saved our home.” – Mike of Greenville, SC

“An intruder tried to knock in the front door at my father’s house. Thankfully the alarm sounded and scared them off.” – Robert of Asheville, NC

“While I was away on vacation, someone tried to break into my home. The alarm sounded and the police were dispatched immediately. My neighbor was also notified. The police were able to get a description of the car and the intruders were later arrested.” – Tammy of Orangeburg, SC

“My mother fell in her home and was able to use her Priority One Medical Pendant to call for help. I was notified by the 24-hour monitoring center as well as EMS who responded immediately.” – Wayne of Charlotte, NC