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Safe Summer Travels


Safe Summer Travels

Summer Travel requires Today’s Connected Home Security. This is crucial for your peace of mind. Priority One Security’s new website can help you navigate everything you need to have a relaxing getaway. Visit and connect with Priority 1 Security.

Here are some tips to help you keep your home safe:

Smart Security and Home Automation: Get smart and start by contacting Priority One Security.

Monitor and Control Your Home Remotely with Priority One Security’s Total Control Interactive App: Monitor and control your home from anywhere. One App, One Tap.

Video Doorbell: Use video doorbells to monitor and interact with visitors remotely.

Wireless Smart Locks: Ensure your doors have smart locks that you can control and monitor at all times.

Smart Lights: Create a lights schedule or use automation with your Priority One Security system.

Smart Cameras: Install both indoor and outdoor cameras with motion detection and remote viewing capabilities.

Garage Door Control: Control all the doors and the garage! Automatically open and close from anywhere at any time.

Thermostat Control: Check the temperature of your home while you are away and/or change it.

Home Automation: Our One App, One Tap solution provides a convenient and efficient user experience when managing your smart home technologies. Total Control platform, can integrate and automate all your smart devices together, create custom schedules, and driving automation through schedules and arming/disarming status. . 888-407-7233