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Halloween Safety Tips – “Tricks” & Tips on Halloween Night


Halloween Safety Tips – “Tricks” & Tips on Halloween Night

Calling all spooks, spiders and supermen: we hope you and your family are gearing up for the start of Halloween! As you purchase costumes, pick out candy and decorate your home, we’d like to take time to offer you some Halloween safety tips to make sure your Halloween is the scariest, but safest, night of the year!

  • Lock your doors: This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to lock the doors in the midst of leaving their home with eager trick-or-treaters. You may be staying on the same street, or in eyesight of your home, but it’s still important to lock the door (and turn your security system on!).
  • Leave the light on: While you’re out, leave some exterior and interior lights on to give the appearance that you’re home. A common practice is to leave a bowl of candy out for neighborhood kids while you’re away, but please use caution, as this practice is the number one tip-off that no one is home. You may want to task older siblings with passing out candy, if you are not in a gated or secure community.
  • Trim the trees: It may sound strange, but according to Chubb Insurance Company, exterior doors and ground level windows that are obstructed by bushes or trees are an ideal target for burglars. When you’re decorating your home, consider a quick trim around these areas (exterior lights will also help deter thieves from these areas).
  • Pack the flashlight: Don’t forget to pack a flashlight when you’re out trick-or-treating! We also recommend carrying your cell phone in case of emergency – and to take pictures of your favorite ghosts and goblins.

Above all, Priority One recommends contacting the police with any suspicions of “tricksters” at play! Happy Halloween from Priority One Security!